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Surive - Tapping Point: Cannot get into the speedboat
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At the end of the mission, we need to go to speedboat and enter it but there is no point to get in there. Nothing happends when arrived at the Boad,the Ai joined the other boat but i´m cant join in ( watch video )
(sry my bad english ;) )


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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play mission till the end :))

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Hi Guys, i have edited that mission ! I set the boat a view meters closer to the beach ! Please close.

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The developers should edit it, not only you. This is highly annoying, because my friend wants to see the last cutscene of the first campaign episode. Something that might the devs, is that they waypoint at the boat says disembark. That could be the reason why player cannot mount it. Please fix it.

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Weird I never had any issues with that mission and I finished survive campaing more than once.

So have I, but it seems like bugs show up more and more when the game progresses. First time I played all of the campaigns, all in dev branches, before their release, there was no bugs back then.

Another highly annoying bug I spotted was in Adapt in the second mission, Stavrou never comes back to the car at the first checkpoint.

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Hey guys, can one of you please check if this is still an issue?