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CH-67 Huron cannot landing on water
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CH-67 Huron cannot landing on water whereas it can, swollen on the side parts are made for that.


Thank you to correct or add this option!
Sincerely Havanna.

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Well, Arma takes place in year 2035 - so I guess Arma 3s newer version of the Huron is able to land on water ;)

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@7rust Did you even read what he said? He's saying that the ArmA 3's version of the CH-67 Huron is NOT able to land on water even though it should be. I tried this and on some occasions it broke the engine when the bottom of the helicopter was barely touching the water.

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@7rust Read the title ...

Why do all these "futuristic" helicopters keep losing all their futuristic features?

  1. We lose the radar on several helicopters? Some don't have radars, fair enough. But we SHOULD have a RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) on ALL these futuristic helos. Every single one of them.
  1. The 2D "realistic flight model" gauges lose the RPM gauge? Seriously? The RPM gauge? Seriously. That gauge is bread-and-butter for real helicopter pilots. Absolutely critical.
  1. Some of our transport helicopters lose their flare & chaff? What happened in the future that all our helicopters are going back to the stone age?
  1. The novice flight model doesn't have 2D gauges? Why does ONLY the "realistic" flight model have 2D gauges? In the future, novices can't read 2D gauges???
  1. How about "wheel brakes". In the future, only people who use the "realistic" flight model can taxi a helicopter to the runway? Novice flight model users are not allowed to un-lock the wheel brakes and taxi a helicopter?
  1. The future Chinook loses it's ability to do water landings and do boat craft launch & recovery?

What's next? We lose our guns and they get replaced with bows and arrows?

Sorry, but I'm not impressed with the BIS vision of the future. It's somewhat backward. BIS needs to really THINK about the future, instead of just half-a$$ing these design choices. I could be wrong, but I think they are trying to play balance the game by gimping certain features. But this is entirely the WRONG way to play balance. They should put in ALL the futuristic features for side 1, and then add all the futuristic features on side 2 which are designed to counter-act the futuristic features on side 1. Same for side 3. Futuristic features that counter-act the other 2 teams futuristic features. You don't play balance by crippling features on one side.

Unfortunately this is BIS, they released DLC and games not even finished ...
It should review each vehicle, compare it to reality and then takes a maximum characteristic for better immersion simulation.