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Adding 'ArtilleryTargetW' to curator editable objects and then selecting it causes game to crash
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I have a mission that runs a common script to add all objects to the curator every 20 seconds or so (ADV_Zeus.sqf). I also have a script that runs client side that was attempting to make the units fire with the following code:

enableEngineArtillery true;
_roundEta = _artillery getArtilleryETA [position _selectedTarget, _selectedAmmoType];
_artillery commandArtilleryFire [(position _selectedTarget), _selectedAmmoType, _roundsToFire];

However, when the code is run locally on the client that have been spawned by the dedicated server (that is, local to the server and not the client). It appears they do not fire. Instead they create a 'ArtilleryTargetW' under the position I was trying to fire at. The ADV_Zeus script picks this up and adds it to the curator after a short amount of time as a yellow box with a '?' in it.

If I then click on that in Zeus the entire game crashes.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a dedicated server and spawn in some artillery units on the server (I had CSAT units).
  2. Connect with a zeus client
  3. Run the following code (on the client) using the artillery unit and a position on the map:

enableEngineArtillery true;
_artillery commandArtilleryFire [(position _target), "SomeAmmoType", 1];

  1. Notice that the unit doesn't actually fire at the location.
  2. Run a script to add vehicles and allUnits objects to the curator object
  3. Notice that a yellow ? objects appears for the ArtilleryTargetW object in the location you told the unit to fire.
  4. Click on the yellow box
  5. Crash
Additional Information

This issue actually came up with my addon 'Ares' that adds some functionality to Zeus (one bit of which is firing artillery at a zeus-specified target). The bug I'm tracking the issue under is:

There is more information there on exactly how the artillery is being spawned in case the repro steps don't work exactly.

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