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Anti-torque rotor pedels
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Because I'm only using a mouse and keyboard to fly with, I'm finding it difficult to control the tail rotor in the new DLC. The reason being is that you can only fully depress the pedal or not at all meaning I have to continually tap the key binding over and over to bring things under control. My proposal is that when you press the key, the pedal is more slowly applied, and perhaps when you release the key, it will gradually release back to being neutral. As things are I am having to use the Auto-trim setting which I think is taking away the actual flying experience.


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Helicopters DLC
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Try flying with a mouse and keyboard using the new flight dynamics without auto trim being on, and control the pedals safely.

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DCS does this. Seems like a good idea, it allows you to actually make small adjustments. You should also be able to configure the curve vs. time that occurs as you hold the key.

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This really needs some attention, absolutely love the new flight mechanics, but super hard to fly when the controls are so sensitive yet you can't make small adjustments. Big let down thus far.

Any progress on this? Been waiting a long time...