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Waypoint color ingame barely visible
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When i set a waypoint on the map with "shift + left mouse bt" the waypoint ingame is hardly visible (light white/grey), and it's the only element from the HUD that cant be recolored in game options.
Color could be edited in config file maybe in the meantime ?


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Sad to see only 4 people considering this to be an issue.

It s really hard to understand why a developer would ignore important stuff like this.

Personally I use this method to place navigation markers when flying halicopter and it leaves me squinting for the marker rather than being able to focus fully on the flying itself.

Many more than 4 people consider this an issue - there are several other trouble tickets about the very same on this forum, and thousands more if you google the problem. It's been a constant annoyance for nearly everyone since Arma 2, apparently.

An invisible feature is not a feature, and pale, 20% opaque grey-white marker will disappear completely in sandy, city-scape, and many other environments.

As a helo pilot trying to make a pickup, a medic trying to find my downed comrades, or rifleman trying to figure out which house the enemy was marked as being in, I am consistently hindered by the faint and camouflaged marker.

Please, all we need is the ability to change this color, or for it to follow the settings in "color->active elements"