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Loadmaster Camera, Control
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Providing the MI-290 loadmaster with a camera and height measure, as well as option to use the sling loader, provides the seat with significant utility and allows it to be more than a glorified passenger seat.


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  1. Enter the MI-290 helicopter and choose the loadmaster seat.
  1. View the camera positioned under the helicopter to assist pilot, or self, with sling-loading. 2B. Note the camera screen could be in the loadmaster's cabin, similar to the Huron's under-camera in the cockpit. Right-click would make the camera full-screen, similar to AH-99 Blackfoot Gunner position.
  1. Press the assigned key to activate sling-loading. 3B. Alternatively, vocally assist the pilot in sling loading via your cabin's camera.
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Adds warrant to the loadmaster seat and takes greater advantage of the Helicopter DLC's features, as well as encouraging teamwork among the pilot and helicopter-crew.

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Really like your suggestions.
If they would implement this you actually could call the person a loadmaster.

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Yeap. Agreed :-)