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View Problems with Zeus remote-controlled units in vehicles
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If you take remote control of an infantryman, then enter a vehicle, headlook is disabled, and often your view is locked in an inappropriate direction.

For example, in the attached mission, create a unit, take remote control, then enter the Loadmaster position on the Mi-290. Your view will be *Forwards* and immovable. Likewise, enter the HEMMT as "ride in back", and your view will be locked facing over your shoulder to the rear.

  • Headlook should be allowed for Zeus remote-controlled units in vehicles.
  • The default view direction for vehicle positions should be the same for Zeus remote-controlled units as for normal players. {F25080}


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Steps To Reproduce

In the attached mission:

  • Become Zeus (Y)
  • Create an infantry unit - e.g. an FIA Officer
  • Use the Remote Control module to take control of the unit
  • Enter the Loadmaster position on the Mi-290.

The problem seems to occur on most vehicles; I have tested the ones in the example mission, plus several other helicopters and the ATV; all exhibit variations of the same issue.

Additional Information

Tested with and without TrackIR.
Tested with and without CBA, ShackTac mods, and VTS Weapon Resting.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Koala.Nov 5 2014, 2:26 PM

I also noticed some other odd behaviour in vehicles while remote-controlling an AI unit as Zeus. Possibly related? These include:

  • When entering the Mi-290 co-pilot position (RH) it always auto-kicked me into the LH seat after a moment.
  • Getting randomly ejected from vehicles from time to time.

I haven't thoroughly investigated these secondary issues - but they may be associated with the same underlying cause of the main issue.

Koala added a comment.Feb 10 2016, 6:15 PM

Hello, I hope we are speaking of the same problem I found yesterday:

  1. create a player unit
  2. create gamemaster module (Zeus)
  3. preview the mission
  4. call Zeus
  5. place a manned Offroad infront of (and view direction) to the player unit
  6. remote control the driver in the Offroad
  7. get out of the Offroad and get in back (passenger seat) of the Offroad
  8. the remote controlled unit now switches to the drivers seat and its view is locked
  9. if you press W (forward) and/or move the mouse you can now control your player unit from the view of the remote controlled unit.