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Loss Of Lift In Hover Causing Roll-Over
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Flying the AH-99, engine loss from a hover at any altitude will cause the helicopter to descend at a rate at which from as low as 15/20 meters, it is nearly (if not totally) impossible to auto-rotate and land. The impact with the ground will cause a bounce which tips the aircraft left or right, and the blade destruction causes the helo to explode.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. AH-99, Fly as Pilot, Hover at 15 to 20 meters or so. Gear deployed.
  1. Experience damage which causes your engine to "Go red"
  1. Immediate loss of lift and rotors slowing will cause expected descent.
  1. Inability to cushion landing due to total lack of stored "energy".
  1. Short, sharp bounce causes roll-over, and immediate explosion.
Additional Information

The ability to perform an autorotation from a hover is a very-real thing, but the immediate loss of all stored energy ingame (no matter the collective setting during or immediately after engine loss) means that you strike the ground with too much force. In this case, it will result in your helicopter rolling and exploding.

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It's the tipping over to the side which makes you blow up, not the rotors themselves. Helicopters are way to explosive right now.