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Assigning two controls to Helicopters "Collective Raise" allows you to increase lift.
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You can increase the lift available in any helicopter, by simply binding 2 buttons to Collective Raise. When you push only one of the buttons, you climb as expected, but when you hit the 2nd button as well (both together), you gain some additional lift. This of course gives you additional maneuverability while the helicopter is at any attitude, not just climbing. I've tried more than 2, but with no additional gain.

Video demonstration here:


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Bind more than one easily accessable keybind to Collective Raise (Beware of key conflicts on some keyboards)
  2. Spawn any helicopter, and enter it, enable Auto Hover
  3. Locate the vertical speed indicator (Or just listen to the engine/rotor load)
  4. Push ONLY ONE of the keybinds, for example, Q. Observe your climb rate.
  5. Push the second, additional, keybind, simultaneously. For example W, so, you're now pressing W + Q.
  6. Observe that climb rate increases with the addition of another button press - You can let go, and press, the second key repeatedly to see, and hear, the effect.
Additional Information

This has been in the game since launch - very surprised to see it still exists when I came back to play around with helis again. Not sure if it was present in Arma1/2 as well.

This gives an edge to anyone who knows this trick, allowing you a fair chunk of extra control authority, making you more maneuverable than those who do not know.

And, since, using the default (current, live) flight model, you run basically no risk of ever stalling your rotors due to low RPM (not to be confused with a retreating blade stall), so it's an all-gain, no risk, situation.

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I will test it and will leave a response, as soon as the main branch gets the Helicopters DLC update.

Koala added a comment.Nov 4 2014, 8:02 PM

I assigned two different buttons for collective raise and collective lower but I can't experience a difference, if I press both buttons at the same time or just one button (no difference with standard and advanced flight model).

Added video demo, link in description.

Also it's worth noting this will never occur with Advanced flight model - reason being your collective becomes an analogue slider control when you use it.

Test script snippet to reproduce the issue with visible values

t = 0;
st = 0;
z = 0;

onEachFrame {
	_z = (velocity vehicle player select 2);
	if(st == 0 && _z > 0.0001) then {st = diag_tickTime};
	if(_z > z) then {
		z = _z;
		if(st > 0 && _z < 9.9) then {t = diag_tickTime};

	hintSilent ([
		"current velocity z"
		,"max velocity z"
		,"time to reach 9.9 velocity z"
		,t - st
		inputAction "HeliCollectiveRaiseCont",
		inputAction "HeliCollectiveRaise"
	] apply {
		if(_x isEqualType 0) then {_x toFixed 3} else {if(_x isEqualType "") then {_x} else {str _x}}} joinString "\n";

Test results with one key, two keys and three keys pressed on HeliCollectiveRaise. Only two keys give you the advantage. HeliCollectiveRaiseCont only requires you a single key to get you what two keys do with HeliCollectiveRaise