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New Object types
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I'd like more object types added, i don't mean buildings or small structures, not even those tiny little objects that make up scenery fills such as garbage etc.

I mean types. By this I mean have a second object type in game, Un-rigid objects.

What I mean by this is simple, I feel the game is to rigid in it's nature, no object in game is left entirely on its won to interact physically with the world around it. I want a more natural object such as the flags we have in game that react to wind....sort of.

Like chains, Netting, sails in case someone decided to add a sailing yacht for fun. But you get my point, I want to see more physics in these objects.

Lets take a chain link for example, hang it from a suspended surface and the single link becomes an inanimate object, but add links to that link and you have a chain and that moves either based on wind, or movement of said surface it is currently attached to.

Please allow for this sort of in game physics, it would be awesome to have things that changed or adapted to suit the environment around them.


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