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Missing Helicopter Menu/UI Options as Zeus
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Remote controlling a unit as Zeus does not give you many of the options available in a helicopter, such as Open Ramp for the Huron, Lights On, Collision Lights, Wheel brakes, Manual Trim, etc. {F25063}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enable the Advanced Flight Physics in Configuration > Game. Right side of the first tab. This will allow you to see everything missing.
  2. Begin a match as Zeus. (Ex. ZGM 16+2 Altis.) Select the Zeus slot.
  3. Spawn a Huron helicopter through the Units tab, under NATO > Air
  4. Under Modules > Zeus, drag the Remote Control onto the Huron Helicopter.
  5. Scroll with the mousewheel and observe you are missing a number of options, as well as three UI elements in the top right.
Additional Information

Missing UI: TRQ, RPM, Wheel Brake
Mission Options: Open Ramp (Huron), Lights, Collision Lights, Wheel Brake, Trim

Presumably, vehicle-unique options such as Open Ramp on other vehicles, as well as light options, will also not work when Remote Controlling a unit as Zeus.

Note that players who spawn into the game directly as units (non-Zeus slots) can open ramps and can see the RPM meter.

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