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onDrop Doesn't Fire on Controls Inside a CT_CONTROLS_GROUP
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onDrop assigned to a listbox (or any control that can have onDrop assigned to it) will not fire if inside a CT_CONTROLS_GROUP. The onDrop assigned to the CT_CONTROLS_GROUP seems to fire but regardless of the layering order or the current focus the onDrop assigned to any control inside the CT_CONTROLS_GROUP will NOT fire.

I personally believe that the onDrop assigned to controls inside the CT_CONTROLS_GROUP should take priority because it allows for much greater flexibility. If desired the developer could assign a generic onDrop to all the controls inside the CT_CONTROLS_GROUP creating the current functionality. But as it is now a developer cannot differentiate between the user dropping on any control inside the CT_CONTROLS_GROUP. {F25062}


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Can this please be fixed? It's a really annoying oversight for complex dialogs...