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M-900 Helicopter pilot is a normal civilian, not a pilot.
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Newly introduced M-900 Helicopter crew are normal civilians, not pilots.
They don't have any equipment, not even a headset.


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I don't know if this is the set crew of the aircraft or just placeholders until release of the product but is a small detail that should be taking care of.
If this is already been reported or there is a specific plan to address this issue please ignore my post.

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An easy fix is just repaint the current helicopter helmet in white color and also any pilot coverall in a neutral color without banners.

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Also, this is a gameplay issue, not a feature request. But I agree, the civi pilot should be in the pilot and copilot's seat.

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there is a pilot unit (C_man_pilot_F) but it seems to have been overlooked for the config ('crew' value i believe, oddly enough 'typicalCargo' lists a B_Helipilot for the M900). i'm sure this will be fixed soon enough. +1

I hope they make better civilian helicopter pilots though, because now we only have some with those "Worker" clothes.