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Network problems after refreshing servers list a few times...
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Basically when i go to search for games and i get kicked off a full server a couple of times, or even when im just in the server browser and try to refresh a bunch of times to see if there is a free slot or if i keep spamming ENTER to get in to a server and its full... basically after one of these happening a few times, the network on my computer drops.... i don't get any servers after refreshing... when i tab out out and go into a browser and try to go on Google or Facebook or any website.... or send a text in Skype or Viber i have a network problem... it tells me i have no connection and asks me to trouble shoot my internet.. witch i do, but it never helps...

-Thanks in advance and i hope this annoying bug is fixed, your dedicated player :D {F25050}


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steps to reproduce are simple... just spam enter on a full server.. or spam refresh button in the servers list.

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The odd thing is that even tho my internet (just on my PC, everyone else is working) stops working, i cant text or go to any website, i still can talk to my mates in TS, Mumble or Skype over voice chat.
Also i use a wired connection (but the same shit happens with WiFi) the icon in the task bar that shows network status is displayed as normal, no warnings what so ever.
I run windows 8.1 but as far as i can remember i had the same problem with windows 7 when i spammed to get into a server or refreshed a lot of times, the difference was that arma would would stop loading the servers list for me but if i want into my internet browser it would be working fine.
in the picture is the problem that i receive when scanning windows for network problems.
Also the way i get my network connection back is by waiting 10mins and i usual get it back, if not i restart my computer.

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I have this too seems most BI games have this problem

I get this too,a lot. I have to quit the game and wait for 5-10 min. its a pain when a server has reserved slots because you join thinking there are 20 slots remaining only to be kicked and the server list is then blank. Is there any way to stop the list from refreshing? I'd rather an old list than no list. i used to think that it would be fixed in the next update, haha that was years ago. it needs more options so we can fine tune it to our situation.