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The respawn camp ( backpack ie; "B_Respawn_TentDome_F" ) deployment message is repeating once for every playable unit
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In the MP editor preview, after using the action to deploy the tent, the deployment message repeats once for every playable unit that's close by at the time of deployment.



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I've attached a mission. Load it up into the MP editor and preview it. Deploy the tent. Notice the message repeats over and over and over. Quite annoying.

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Is this intended?

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To make it clear: ONE player sees multiple messages popup. Depending on nearby playable count. Why does the player need to see 50 messages when he deploys a camp? And the messages aren't even pointing to the unit in question. Only the one who deployed the tent.

Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)
Camp (Dome Text) (Iceman77)

Even if it did show the unit it added the respawn for, that would still be an annoyance. But it doesn't even do that... Why do I need to see other's mesages to begin with?? I only need to see one message. /sigh