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Need way to specify server keys to use on command line
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A lot of server hosts allow you to setup a list of 'favorite' command line setups that make switching between different server modes easy. For example, our server has a setting for our 'public' mode and 'private' mode, along with some additional versions for special mission-specific setups. Then, sub-accounts with permission to choose which of these is active can be created so people who are trusted, but not necessarily server-savvy, can still have the ability to modify the server setup.

These 'favorites' will often have different mods set on the command line that are appropriate for the game mode. However, in order to correctly manage what mods users can have enabled when switching modes it is also necessary to modify the contents of the 'keys' folder on the server itself (to make sure the appropriate keys are present and keys for mods not being used are removed).

This creates a lot of headaches for inexperienced admins since they don't understand how or why these two independent things need to be kept in sync. It also presents a security issue since it requires that users have FTP or similar file-modification permissions on the server itself.

Right now, the 'keys' folder is the only place where mod keys can be placed - meaning that when switching configurations it's necessary to FTP into the server and shuffle the files around. (This is made more complicated because the keys are often poorly named so finding the right ones to add/remove is a pain, but that's not BIS's fault).

It would be nice to either be able to specify the folder to use (e.g. something like "-modKeyFolder=private_keys") or the specific set of keys to use from the folder (e.g. something like "-keys=modOne.bikey,modTwo.bikey") manually. That way server admins could setup different command lines that could be switched without requiring users to perform the error-prone process of manually moving files around.


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  1. Be a server admin that has to deal with switching server modes with lots of mods frequently.

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