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Guided Artillery Shells have hit or miss performance when fired at groups of vehicles
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Finally we've seen a fix for guided arty shells, but they're still having some issues.
When a tight group of potential targets is fired on, the projectile freaks out and can't decide which to lock on to. At the last second a target is chosen, but by this point it has to turn extremely hard and usually hits the ground sideways, next to the target (and not killing the target).


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Place several (5-8) Ifrits in a small radius, within a 100m grid square or so.

Place a marker in the center of this group.

Fire at the marker with a Guided Shell.

Watch in the artillery computer as the round nears the target. At 10 seconds until impact, press escape twice and enter the splendid camera. Move the camera to the target vehicles and aim it upward and in the direction the round will come from.

Resume normal time and wait carefully. When the round becomes about 500m from the ground, it will begin to leave a smoke trail. Once this trail is spotted, set the time acceleration back to 0. Move the camera right up to the round, and set a very small time acceleration rate.

Observe the round as it behaves oddly, sometimes not killing any targets in its state of confusion. It can be seen by the odd squiggly smoke trail that the round is tumbling or wiggling in flight, sometimes impacting its killing capability.

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