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Something very annoying. I've started playing King of the Kill a lot recently, and I really enjoy it. Problem is, whenever a Jet, or an anti air tank, or a GMG vehicle decides to shoot, I will have to just sit there and listen to a lot of scratchy noices while I've got 0 FPS. GMG vehicles have to shoot some time though, but Jets and AA tanks pretty much just need to fire a single bullet. This is seriously annoying when you're in an epic battle, instead of "SH** ENEMY AIRSTRIKE, GET TO COVER" It's more like "I AM DISABLED FOR 30 SECONDS WHILE THE JET IS SHOOTING IT'S MG OVER THERE 2 KILOMETERS AWAY, GUYS!"... 30 seconds later "Yes I now have 60fps again guys, here I come... Scratch that, Jet coming back for another strafe.. I'll just sit over here on the road because i cant do anything else."

I did think back on it, and I also had this Issue with jets and AA tanks in Arma 2... The exact same actually. I tested it in the editor by spawning a unit in an AA tank, and me a little bid away. Both in arma 2 and arma 3 as soon as the AA tank starts shooting, FPS locks itself at 0, and sound starts to lag like crazy. I have no idea why it does this.


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get suppressed by AA tank, GMG vehicle, or Jet. Try to have your graphics on the lowest settings possible.. It might have something to do with my sound? I know I always play with effects volume on full to be able to hear my surroundings clearly.

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This problem has been here since they put in AA vehicles, and jets for that matter too. Anything that fires lots of bullets really fast (with the exception of the minigun on HELICOPTERS, probably because the rounds on them don't explode on impact) has this issue. The sound dupes way too fast and for some reason that bogs down everything else, causing FPS to drop to 0 while the game waits for the spamning of sounds and commands to stop.

It's very easy to dupe it every single time.

This problem also happens in SP and MP, it doesn't matter where you do it. It happens regardless of what environment you do it in, though in MP it does swamp every client to my knowledge, not just one thats firing.

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I don't get it when I am in the one in the vehicle for some funny reason. I can spam the jet while nothing happens... Not exactly true, I still get it if I am in an AA tank though..

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