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Ran smoothe before 1.32, now stutters badly.
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I haven't changed anything on my comp in a while with exception to a regular windows update, but after the recent 1.32 ARMA3 update, I have very bad stuttering when playing a couple user created missions. It runs perfectly smooth except when helicopters strafe or rocket the area near me. I know that the smoke and explosions are graphics intensive but it never stuttered before. I have a pretty high end machine and I've never had so much as a single slowdown, even on Ultra everything, with upwards of 100 men, tanks, heli's in the mission. PC Specs below:

Processor: Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 3970X 3.5GHz (Six-Core) (Extreme Performance)
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 (Intel X79 Chipset) (Features USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s)
System Memory: 16GB DDR3 2400MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum DHX (Extreme-Performance)
Power Supply: 1200W Corsair Pro Gold Series (CMPSU-1200AX) (Dual/Triple/Quad SLI Compatible)
Hard Drive Set 1: Operating System: 1x (500GB Samsung Solid State (SATA 6Gbps)
Hard Drive Set 2: Multimedia\Data: 1x (2TB Western Digital (7200 RPM) (Model: Black Edition) (SATA 6Gbps)
Video Card(s): 2x SLI Dual (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 4GB (PhysX) (Classified Overclocked EVGA)
Sound Card: Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium HD 24-bit 96KHz 7.1
Extreme Cooling: H20: Stage 6: Sub-Zero LCS Dual Loop: CPU & Dual SLI/CrossFire Video Cards & Chipset
H20 Tube Color: Blue Tubing with High-Performance Fluid (UV Lighting Reactive)


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Happens everytime I play the missions now.

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I'm running the latest video drivers and I ran the recent firmware update for the SSD. I've deactivated all addons and even tried using the legacy 1.30 and nothing fixes it yet. Will try an even earlier patch number. I think I have narrowed it down to helicopter/plane cannon and rocket round impacts.

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Recently updated my Creative sound card drivers and realized that in the device properties it was process audio at 24 bit and 96000 Hz, restored defaults at 24 bit and 48000 Hz. Also reduced in game sound sources to 64. Seems to have eliminated the ridiculous stuttering I was having. Not sure why this changed all of a sudden but it seems to have fixed it.

There is definitely an issue with sound since the new patch. Ticket 0021246 also relates to this. I've also noticed a deterioration in the general sound quality in Arma3 at 128 sound sources since applying patch (1.32). Sounds a little more rough and a little too much reverb or gravel with multiple sounds playing at the same time. I've also noticed occasionally when shutting down the editor since 1.32 there is a very brief sound that shuts off - almost like its reinitializing sound support. Almost like some sound playback was duplicated and still playing albeit muted in the menu and then becomes audible only after the editor starts to close. Definitely new since 1.32. Anyway sorry bit vague - difficult to describe. Hope this helps in some way.

i noticed this also, especially having switched from the dev branch back to stable just prior to the update. I as-well had audio device settings cranked up, and reducing them as suggested helped eliminate the stutter (but also noting that the same audio settings were applied prior to the update with no freeze ups)