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Zeus eventually hits group spawn limit
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It seems that there's a limit on the number of groups that Zeus can spawn - and once this limit is hit the user will not be able to spawn any more groups (even if existing groups are deleted).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new empty mission
  2. Place a unit and a zeus game master module, link the unit to zeus
  3. Start the mission and enter Zeus mode
  4. Choose 'Groups' and the NATO 'Sentry' group (the specific group doesn't matter, but Sentries have a small number of groups)
  5. Start placing sentry groups (hold CTRL to make this faster)
  6. Continue placing sentry groups (ensuring they remain SEPERATE when you place them) until the game stops allow you to place units

At some point (100 or so groups) Zeus will no longer spawn units when you attempt to make a new group. After this point, even deleting existing groups will not allow you to place new units.

If you switch to another side you will again be able to place units for that side (up to the limit).

Additional Information

You can get Zeus to recover deleted groups by running code like the following:

{deleteGroup _X} foreach allGroups;

That is:

  1. Follow directions to reach limit.
  2. Delete some groups (note even after deleting groups you cannot place any more units)
  3. Run above code
  4. Notice you can now create groups back up to the limit.

This causes issues on dedicated servers that run for long periods, since Zeus may be used to run multiple missions without a restart.

Currently my group is working around the issue by having the above code run periodically to 'free' unused or deleted groups so Zeus can continue to work.

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