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Command unavailable to transfer current weapon *with custom attachments* to backpack
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the action command "DropWeapon" will move the weapon and custom attachments to the backpack however the game has to be started first and the command has to execute after more than 0 seconds to accomplish. additionally there is an action that occurs that shows the weapon being 'stowed' during this period.


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customize soldier init with any weapon and attachments (that are not listed as options in the cfgweapons combinations (i.e. not srifle_lrr_sos_f but instead srifle_lrr_f w/optic_dms attached))
create trigger with delay of 1 second or more with on action:
soldierOne action ["DropWeapon", unitBackpack soldierOne, currentWeapon soldierOne];

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as another way of looking at it, if one wanted to customize a weapon's attachments within a container, he or she would have to addprimaryweaponattachment while on a person and then transfer the weapon to the container. why not have a command instead allow attachment to a weapon within a container like a backpack, groundweapon holder, or ammo box.

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I've run across this while working on a loadout saving script.
This is a really weird limitation. Maybe the current updates to attachments that are being done on DEV branch will introduce something for this as well?

EDIT: Would work for your requirements?

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yes ImperialAlex, that is perfect.