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The Use Of Physics Supported Cloth
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The other day I was waving around a flag pole, interested by the physics that it was able to work with. That gave me a thought, what else can this physics cloth be applied to to visually enhance the game?

-civilian objects (Table Umbrella)
-replace solid cloth with real one?
-clothing (probably too far fetched)
-ropes with cloth... How cool would that look?
-other ideas, like a cache with a green cloth over it that blows in the wind a bit.
-more, etc.

Just a few of what I can think of off the top of my head.


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Enter editor, spawn flag, any, and than watch them blow in wind. Picture what else would look good with cloth on it.

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I can see the gigantic lag just in front of me.

I had 130 flags on map at ounce, keep in mind that the flags have designs on them. I did't even loose 5 FPS. So if 130 small pieces of fabric can be added to the map, with virtually no FPS cost, imagine how nice the game would look with something here and there that reacts with the weather more?

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A flag is a very simple object. Clothing, Truckcovers etc are not so simple.
I'm against it. Attention to detail is better invested elsewhere.