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Animation Source Controls for Reflectors/MarkerLights
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Currently there is a huge limitation in how we can intuitively handle reflectors and illuminated textures. Even with the recent addition of commands for isLightOn and the like.

Very simply, when dealing with vehicles the default game functionality for controlling the lights is via the default "L" keypress. This will turn ON the relative configured reflectors or markerLights (ie.. not necessarily all configured reflectors/markerlights). But it does however kill ALL reflectors/markerLights when the 'OFF' side of the action is used.

This is less than ideal, as you end up with ALL reflectors turning off, but illuminated textures remaining. Again, there is no intuitive way to deal with this currently regarding the illuminated textures.

An animation source controller for lights/marker lights would fix this.

And to take it a step further, it would be really nice to have independent reflector classes/controls for turrets.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Model a vehicle with lights other than headlights/collision lights, with illuminated texture funtionality.
-Configure additional reflectors/markerLights to utilize userActions.
-Enter vehicle in game, turn on standard lights utilizing 'light' keybind (default 'L'). Turn on additional lights via actionMenu.
-Utilize the 'light' keybind, and witness all reflectors shutting off, while illuminated textures remain.

Additional Information

I have a working model that illustrates this well, but is not for public consumption right now. I'll upload a video later for reference.

This is a historical issue and I believe there was an attempt to address this in another ticket.

I think we really need something beyond that though, due to the issues noted there.

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