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DIK-codes from joysticks don't work in third-party addons
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Using scripting I've identified the DIK-codes for my Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS system. I'm trying to bind various buttons to operate the radios in Task Force Arrowhead Radio, but when I do, nothing happens. I can bind using anything on the keyboard but no buttons on either throttle or stick work.
I can bind these buttons to "official" Arma functions (shooting, reload, leaning etc.) but not to addon functions.

The DIK-codes in question are 131842-45 and 131850-51.


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Run the following script in the editor:

(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventhandler ["keyDown", {hint str (_this select 2)}];

Push buttons on the keyboard and watch how the hint pops up.
Push buttons on a joystick and watch how NOTHING happens.

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Using actionKeys proves that the buttons on my joystick and throttle have DIK-codes, but the event handler keysDown only handles keyboard buttons. If you look at this post I made on Armaholic it should hopefully explain better what I intend to achieve ( I realize there is probably a code-change needed for TFAR to make it all work (not your table), but at least if I can do the grunt-work then it's easier for the author to fix.

I've found a reference to the event handler onJoystickButton that is available in VBS2 ( but despite a lot of searching I can't find an equivalent in Arma 3.

Hi, try this

(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventhandler ["mouseButtonClick", {hint str _this}];

source ( )