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EnableSimulation and HideObject are Failing with Player Proximity
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When the player enters a certain radius, units with enableSimulation false and HideObject true commands are failing.


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I can't reproduce what's happening in this mission - but there aren't any scripts running that would cause such behaviour!

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This issue is happening on Dev and Stable.

Here's a video of the problem:

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the video is private

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Is there any more info I can provide? I've managed to get round the issue by using triggers to re-disable simulation and visibility - but I can't work out why it's happening in the first instance - bizarre!

Spacebar in camera mode executes whatever is in clipboard. If you had something copy pasted before, might well be the reason for this anomaly. Make sure you clear clipboard before you press spacebar

copytoclipboard "";

Unfortunately, it also occurs when the player approaches on foot - I used the splendid camera as a shortcut, to highlight the issue. It's very bizarre, because it seems there is a certain radius at which the simulation and hideObject commands revert and undo themselves.

Thanks ever so much for the suggestion though! :) PS - love your blog - very helpful!

Any other suggestions?

Only one, I suggest you make a repro if you want this mystery to be solved :)

That's a good idea :) I'll sort that out soon!

Here's the repro link:

To see the bug, you need to move towards the Orbat marker named 'Theta'. Once there, the CSAT forces will be revealed and both enableSimulation and hideObject commands will fail.

Unfortunately, I can't leave this mission in this state for long, as I'll need to implement a workaround fix, using triggers etc.

Im hearing the same thing from several mission creaters in the "Make arma not war contest", off the top of my head i remember missions like "Under the Eagle's Eye" and "Resist" mention this horrible bug on steam description, so its definitely happening. However i could not reproduce this bug, setting "this enableSimulation false;this hideObject true;" on a tanks init field and teleporting to the tank did not show any bugs, so a upload of a simple mission showing this bug is very much needed.

Still occurring - but I've moved from hiding / disabling units to spawning them - it was a lot of work - but I guess the proper way forward. Nevertheless - this bug is still there! VERY hard to reproduce but it is happening! I've taken down the example mission now - had to update it.