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GM6 Lynx has magic reloading,while FFV,reloading animation is missing,and crash bug,mag missing
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hellcat,offroad I comformed.

and about crash bug,reload GM6 Lynx by keep tapping reload key,it makes sound strange,while sound playing,put your pistol up,and keep tapping reload key,then crash.

while reloading,press change weapon key,your every mag will be disappeared,except mags from weapon(my experience,while reloading rock-44? which is CSAT pistol,changing to GM6 Lynx,all mags all gone,except mag from weapon) {F24832} {F24833}


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Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce

get in vehicle,raise your GM6 lynx,and shoot,or don't shoot and just reloading,you can notice that reloading animations is missing.

crash bug steps to reproduce is above.

Additional Information

crash bug,when playing without parameter dont cause crash for now,but,resterting,aborting,then game crashed

using -nobenchmark -nosplash -skipintro -maxMem=24576 -maxVRAM=1536 -exthreads=3 -noPause -world=VR -noCB -enableHT -download "-mod=" this parameter causes same bug

using -nologs may prevent crash,no, it can't prevent it

can't reproduce what i said in Description

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Can you please try to reproduce that issue?

I wasn't able to "magically reload" the GM6 Lynx on the FFV positions. I experienced a normal reload animation.

Please reply