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Enable addons packages (to group addons in a folder)
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One of the problems we encountered many users who use many addons package, ie, collections of addons needed to play in either virtual group is that addons can be repeated, and you just have many folders.

While there are some solutions, this creates other problems. You can change the original folder names of the addons, but just having hundreds of folders in the root, or you can group all the addons in a folder, but mixed, and just having a folder with hundreds of PBO's, and when you have to update the addons, it is chaos.

The solution to all this is that Bohemia create the possibility of grouping by folders addons. For example.



Thus, instead of having it all mixed up, or have hundreds of folders in the root repeated, would have only one folder for each package addons you use.

I think it should not be difficult to implement this feature in the simulator, and would help a community of thousands of addons.

The idea is good, and does not worsen anything, on the contrary, adds more options to anyone who wants them, so please support my request, thank you.

Thread in BIS forums.


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