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AddonBuilder Binarizing checks root folder
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When I pack something with binarize option enabled the addon builder will look in the folder above it.

For example:

Addon source directory:

It will look in all the directories inside P:\, not only inside P:\myaddon.


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It is not a big problem, but it slows the packing action, and if I have a config file with an error, it gives a warning everytime I pack.

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this is necessary behaviour of bis binarise which must scan the root folder for other addons looking for land_xx classes in their config.cpp's. without which, any animated buildings you have on your island will not operate correctly.

this is actually a step up from arma2's binpbo where you were required to copy all configs from p:\every\thing\else to p:\your_project

there can be no workaround for this because of the necessity to scan every config.cpp it encounters. If your config is a work in progress, rename it, for the duration

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ok,I get it.
Thank you mikero!

I take it this can be closed as no change required then. :)