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Missing scripting command to change progress bar color (like "<b><i>ctrlSetBarColor</i></b>")
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There is a command <i>"ctrlSetBackgroundColor"</i>, but no command to change the color of a process bar during runtime (which is the "barColor[]" in a corresponding UI class).

I've missed it several times now and it would be really helpful to have a command <i>"ctrlSetBarColor"</i>.

Alternatively, it would be preferable to have other commands like <i>"ctrlSetBackgroundColor"</i> expanded in their functionality so they're usable for progress bars and other controls, too.


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Looks like there is no scripted way of controlling progress colour. other ctrl commands should either be expanded (preferred) or new created and not just for progress.

By "expand" you mean e.g. changing <i>"ctrlSetForegroundColor"</i> so it can alter progress bar color as well?

yes and also expand ctrlSetBackgroundColor, not sure why you singled it out, it doesnt work with progress either

I know. I tried it with both, but <i>ctrlSetForegroundColor</i> seemed most "compatible" with my intention.

But you're right. All in all it's reasonable to extend not only one specific command, but all related as well.

Stop bumping this ticket, it is not going to get solved any sooner.

This would be great imo. Shouldn't have to create colored layers and such things just to make a progress bar change colors.

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according to changelog:

Improved: Progress bar color can be set via the ctrlSetTextColor command

Tested - works

I'm guessing this is still dev branch, because I neither feel unable to perform that nor to find the respective changelog.