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BIS_fnc_getFromPairs is unable to return nil when key cannot be found
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When calling BIS_fnc_getFromPairs from a scheduled environment and the provided key cannot be found, the following error is recorded:

Error in expression < _pairs;

if (isNil "_value") exitWith {_default};


  Error position: <_default};


Error Undefined variable in expression: _default

File A3\functions_f\Arrays\fn_getFromPairs.sqf, line 63


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Steps To Reproduce

This one throws an error:
[[],"LALA"] spawn BIS_fnc_getFromPairs;

This one does not:
[[],"LALA"] call BIS_fnc_getFromPairs;

Additional Information

The reason seems to be that you cannot reference a variable that has been set to nil in a scheduled environment. For example the following will throw an error:

  • spawn {_a = nil;_a};

Error in expression <[] spawn {_a = nil;_a};>

  Error position: <_a};>
  Error Undefined variable in expression: _a

Doing the same thing using "call", works:

  • call {_a = nil;_a}

Changing line 63 from BIS_fnc_getFromPairs from
if (isNil "_value") exitWith {_default};
if (isNil "_value") exitWith {if (isNil "_default") then {nil} else {_default}};
works around the issue.

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Is this going to get looked at? Its still "new".

FYI, I have seen other BIS functions incorporate the same workaround / fix (check return value for nil before returning it).
I think getting this to behave the same in both scheduled and un-scheduled environments would be preferred, ideally so that one can return a nil variable without having to check for it, but I'd take it the other way around if this means we get some consistency here.