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5.56 and 6.5 are still too weak.
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both calibers are too weak, it is almost impossible to one hit kill with the 5.56 at range, even with a headshot. At range (300+ meters) it takes no less than 4 6.5 shots to kill and 5-6 5.56 shots to kill, this is true against AAF and CSAT equipment. Recommend reducing bullet protection for all armors, if there is no system to weaken AI after being injured, and the player injury system is so basic, then the armor should not be so robust, as bullets ping off with little issue whereas it may not kill you in real life but have severe negative factors not in the game..


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  1. Get a 5.56 or 6.5 weapon.
  1. Engage enemy infantry at 300+, even 200+ is bad to a lesser extent.
  1. Notice how many shots it takes to kill, and how impossible it is to one shot kill with 5.56.
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This mod seems to remedy the issue pretty well in about 1kb of data. Recommend you look into the settings within for reference as to what players want:

I would really appreciate you look into this BI, it would greatly enhance your impressive (and my favorite) game.

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in 2035 I expect to NOT one hit kill a combatant with 5.56mm, 556 is powerful enough against vest&helmet, 6.5 is aswell, only the 7.62mm is too weak for that matter.

the 5.56 could be abit faster compared to the 6.5mm (imo) tho, like 30-50m/s more than currently =)

What difficulty settings is the game set at?


So you wanna tell me about how the human skulls of the CSAT, AAF, and NATO soldiers have evolved to be made out of steel?

The issue is HEADSHOTS, TO THE FACE do not consistently kill in one shot. That 5.56 and 6.5 hit the exposed pelvic areas, the face, neck, shoulder areas that the body armor pieces and helmets clearly don't cover and it is doing as little damage as if it was hitting the middle of a heavy chest plate at a shallow angle. The types of ammo HAVE ALWAYS kept up with the types of armor. Not too mention AAF are in reality a VERY tiny army with guns like the F2000 made in 2001, making it 34 years old in the game, and many decades old vehicles in all areas but their MRAP. Why would they have super armor? The NATO soldiers also are suffering budget cuts and they are getting shot by advanced 6.5mm rounds, 6.5mm rounds will do well against armors well into the forsee-able future, especially in areas where the main armor vest doesn't cover. The armor simulation is not good enough, only if you hit the main vest at a shallow angle should rounds to so little damage, anywhere else it should take NO MORE than 3 shots to neutralize a guy, more like 1-2 shots in most cases.

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Extended Armor protection is off