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Make a Host game in port 2303, not show role selection
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In LAN everything works fine, but when trying to create internet game, with port 2303, it works, but the list of roles does not appear.
[URL=""]All ports are open[/URL], I've tried with 2 different routers, I disabled the antivirus (Kaspersky), and I do not have windows firewall active.
I have tried all the solutions you give, reinstall Steam, ArmA3, delete folders "ugc" and "ugcmsgcache". Remove all subscriptions Steamworks, not just the ArmA3, all the games, etc ... There is not a solution that is not proven. And nothing has fixed the problem.

I know a few months, something similar happened, and then the solution that worked was to remove subscriptions ago Steamworks and their caches, but that does not work with this problem.


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Open Arma3.exe without addon.
Go to Multiplayer, create a host game in Internet with port 2303.

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But 2303 is Steam query port

2302 (Arma3 Game port) + (VON is now part of main gameport due to NAT issues)
2303 (STEAM query )
2304 (Steam port)
2305 (VON port - not used atm. but allocated)

you need 2302