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Vibrating in first person view when lowering or raising rifle
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When standing still, raising or lowering the rifle results in a very noticeable "vibration" of the 1st person viewpoint.

If the player is crouched, the raising/lowering animation is smooth.


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Place any unit with a rifle in the editor, raise and lower the rifle with double ctrl, observe the vibrating viewpoint.

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This behaviour is a regression, it appeared earlier on in the dev builds and was not present for many months. Dev builds in the last few weeks have reintroduced it. I'm not an expert but would hazard a guess than the interpolation has gone awry for these animations.

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It's always been like that. Disable head bobbing if you don't want it.

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You are correct that disabling head bobbing does remove the vibration effect. It's still a bug though, it should be possible to have head bobbing and smooth weapon raise/lowering animation. At certain points in the dev cycle the vibration effect has been significantly less, so it is definitely possible.