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[Suggestion] import/export loadouts
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Just a quick suggestion regarding the virtual arsenal:

As far as I know all the loadouts saved in the arsenal get stored in the Arma3Profile file.
It would be very convenient if every loadout would be stored as a seperate file i.e. in "\Arma 3\loadouts" that the arsenal could read at startup.
In this way you easily could share/sync them with other people.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


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Why not just press the export button, paste the data to a document, and do this until all the loadouts are on a single document? then just send the document to your friend and he can import it manually

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You already said it: "manually".
That's the point.
For each loadout you have to export, alt+tab out of arma, paste the clipboard in the document and repeat this for all loadouts.
Other people have to copy the loadout then, alt+tab in the game, import the loadout and repeat everything.
If you have about 30 loadouts, that's kinda time intensive and annoying.
And if you change something, you have to do it again.

That would be a nice feature. The import would just read the text of a file.