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When prone, Sniper can not move forward left after removeallweapons this; is added to its init field
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I am not sure if this is the correct category for it. If not, maybe someone can change the category to the correct one.

I must add I have only tried this with the BLUFOR Sniper unit, but it could be it affects all other Sniper units as well. This issue for me occured when I tried it in the editor and when I played MP.

Basically what happens is that once you add removeAllWeapons this; to the init field of the Sniper unit and go prone you can not move forward and left at the same time anymore. The unit starts the movement but it just won't move. It looks like it's frozen on the spot.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start editor.
  2. Place a Sniper unit and add removeAllWeapons this; to its init field.
  3. Go prone.
  4. Try to move forward and left at the same time. The unit won't move.

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Confirmed. Could be related to config as missing animation without weapon.