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Swap of backpacks/west leads to items disapearing.
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I've had an issue wile playing ArmA 3, had this problems on several mods, but mainly on Breaking Point. The problem occours when you swap backpacks and/or equip a west, some/all items in the clothing disappears.

What happens based on my experiance, is that the size of the clothing changes when your total inventory capacity changes. This then leading to items inside the clothing to disappear.

Items can allso disapear from the backpack when equiping a west, this is a more rare occurance compared to the clothing issue. I would thing the two are somewhat related.

You can see this youtube clip to see what happens for yourself.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have some items in your clothing, and equp a bigger backpack or equp a west.

Additional Information

I have had several tests to try and figure it out.

Is the items that disapear isolated to resently picked up items?
-This does not seem to be the case, as i've lost "fresh" and "old" items.

Is the cause from swapping without dropping your current backpack?
-seems unrelated, as having it on or dropping the old one will yeild the same results.

Any way for this not to happen?
-Not realy, but if i drop everything on the ground. Change backpack/west and pick everything up, that seems to be close to a 100% sucsess.
-Dropping clothing on the ground seems to work. But i've had items disapear from the clothing thats unequped down on the ground.

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muf added a comment.Sep 15 2015, 11:05 AM

Thanks for reporting the issue. Seems it was fixed already some time ago and can't be reproduced in current stable version (1.50.131969).
Could you please confirm the fix?

A step-by-step repro may be handy:

  1. Equip yourself with a backpack containing some items. Have also some items in the uniform.
  2. Stand near a crate, that contains another backpack.
  3. Open inventory and select the uniform tab.
  4. Put your backpack on the ground.
  5. Take a backpack from the crate - as soon as it is taken, some items disappear from your uniform (seems a bug lowered its capacity).