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Loadgame: Spawning at Grid 000000
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Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this issue, but hopefully this ticket will shed some light on the issue.

I was playing the helicopter showcase, and the game auto saved. I crashed and died soon after that, and so I selected "load." I selected the autosave (it was the first one to happen), but upon loading in, I appeared underwater, and as a result I instantly died every time I loaded. My suspicions were confirmed when I checked the map and saw that I was spawning at grid 000000, as if my location data hadn't been saved.

I pressed "end," returned to the main menu, and resumed the mission once again, where it worked properly.


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Steps To Reproduce

EDIT: I managed to reproduce the issue once, here are some rough steps

Start the helicopters showcase.

Play the mission until you have to kill the two Hunters moving towards Mike-26.

After they are dead, the game will auto-save.

Allow yourself to crash into something and die.

Select the Autosave in the "load" menu, and see if it works.

Quitting to the main menu and returning to the game fixed the issue.

Additional Information

I have uploaded what I think is the save file for the mission. I found it at

C:\Users\**\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\the_Demongod\Saved\a3\missions_f\showcases

I hope that was the right place to look

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I played zeus and sometimes i spawn there

I suppose that could possibly be a similar issue, but I think they aren't really related.