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Alamut Missiles Disappear in Inventory!
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Noticed a mission-breaking problem. Basically, when the player collects ammunition for the Alamut launcher from the ground, they do not appear in the player's inventory and disappear. This however, does not occur if the icon with the gun and the arrows around it appears - it only happens when the hand icon appears.


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To replicate this issue, place a selection of Alamut launcher missiles on the ground and try to pick them up, checking your inventory each time. When the white hand icon appears, the missile will disappear after you pick it up. I think this is only happening on Dev branch!

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Let us know if a repro video or screenshots or anything will help!



    AI may be unable to finish reloading its gun
    Picking up magazines from the ground may cause them to disappear completely


Thanks Laxemann, missed that on the forum - appreciate the heads up!