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Controls Overhaul and New command / action menu
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Anyone who played Arma in is life can say that the controls / key-bindings are quite messed up.
My goal here is to propose a solution by doing a complete remodeling of Arma 3 controls.
This problem is a major obstacle for new players and is probably the number one reason for negative reviews.
Because it makes the game hard to play.
Arma 3 is supposed to be hard but not in this manner.

There is 4 part to my suggestion;

1: General Overhaul of the controls themselves (not the mapping)
The first 4 columns describe the modification the the controls system in general (removing of duplicates, re-config and re-org of the control menu)

2: Suggested improved [Industry standard preset] mapping
The 3 last columns are the suggested [Industry standard preset] mapping (NOT THE DEFAULT MAPPING)
This mapping should replace the current Industry Standard Preset and should be proposed to new gamer that start the game for the first time.
It is created in a way that is more instinctive and simple to learn for new players.

3: The creation of a new "Battlefield style circle" command/action menu that would be more user friendly.
In the file you will find occasion where it is suggested to integrate the control to that new menu

4: Authorize the remapping of 1 to 0 and f1 to f11

We can't attach PDF or XLS so here's the link



Column description
ID: A reference ID to simplify the discussion
Control Name: From Arma 3 Controls settings
Improvement: Type of Improvement to do
Reason: Details on the Improvement or reason of it.
New Control: New list of Controls with the update applied
New Industry Standard Preset suggestion: New mapping for Industry standard preset.
Action / Description : New or Actual description of the new control.

Color Legend

Suggestions are welcome

PS: the attached files are not up to date I did and update to the XLS and PDF (link above) {F24664} {F24665} {F24666} {F24667} {F24668} {F24669} {F24670} {F24671} {F24672}


Legacy ID
Steps To Reproduce

Open Arma 3
Go into Setting / Controls

Additional Information

Many Controls have duplicate
Some are useless
Some could be improved
Some are missing
See Attached file Arma 3 Controls Update V1.pdf

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What are the allowed file type O.O! pdf is not even working ......

The controls are fine. Arma is a big game, its not like COD or Battlefield or Counter Strike, you know, those more casual games. You need tons of controls to play this game. I can't see your images anyway. I don't think reporters can view files under the "Attached Files" section. Also, you've this issue posted five times.

If you take a close look at the controls you will see that they are brokens. I'm not talking about making Arma 3 a COD game here. I'm talking about fixing issues.

Broken? In what way?

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All of these are just your own personal preferences.

The suggested new version of the Industry standard preset is a mix of the industry standards and my personal preferences which also make sense.


The point is that many controls are not even functional.

Just take a look at the Fast Forward control under Plane Controls... That control makes your plane nose go down.

And there is also an awful amount of duplicates and a general inconsistency when it comes to toggles...

I am not being picky, Arma 3 controls need improvement !

"Just take a look at the Fast Forward control under Plane Controls... That control makes your plane nose go down."

In my config, which is default, there is no key under plane controls assigned to actual "Fast Forward" option. If you are talking about W, then W under plane controls is assigned to "Nose Down".

I was talking about "Fast Forward" under plane control which is not mapped by default.

but my point is that it should not even be there in that part of the menu.

I have to disagree with most of your control suggestions save for the Fast Forward in Plane Controls which is most certainly an oversight. The customizatability of ArmA's controls is one of its strong suites. I for one find it infuriating that other games do not allow the kind of chording of keys one can achieve in ArmA to trigger functions. For example being able to use one mouse button for my compass, watch and binoculars by using alt and control as modifiers as well as have optional toggles by double clicking.

That's 3 buttons for 5 functions. Other games would either force me to choose toggles early as well as map functions to individual buttons.

If the controls don't suit you then modify them until they do.

As for all the View commands you highlighted in Yellow, I suggest you get a TrackIR, then you might actually realize what they are for.