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Weapon Inertia: freeaim issue
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using the freeaim feature disables the Weapon Inertia feature completly within a restricted aeria of a 45°/45°(possible light stuttering)


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  1. take any weapon & enter sights
  2. press&hold alt(freelook)
  3. move cursor in any direction

result Weapon Inertia free aiming inside the limited aiming aeria

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That's sensible I guess. 'Freeaim' means you only move the weapon but not your body. Weapon inertia results from - let's say - heavy movements of your body.

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I guess it's as intented.

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That is a nonsense, Illuminous. Your hands still have to obey physical laws. This is clearly a bug that can be exploited a lot during MP.

I think it is a bug, you still hold the gun. There should be horizontal sway when you freeaim.

Here is a video to demonstrate the issue. I yank the gun from left to right, up and down and there is no inertia at all.


Good god, THIS is their implementation of Weapon Inertia? Can someone take the BI devs to a range to do some shooting with proper instruction on cheek weld please?

The rear sight should NOT move in relationship to the eye with a proper cheek weld.

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Well, BIS supposedly designed real life versions of their gun to make accurate data.

Yet they fucked up the sound design badly.

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That is not a bug, that is intended.

It has nothing to do with the upcoming weapon inertia.

As far as I know, the aim-down-sights-and-hold-Alt-viewing is present since Armed Assault (at least ArmA 2). Correct me, if I am wrong.

You can still walk straight and aim a little bit to the side with that combination without changing the walk direction. So you don't have to push the forward and side keys to do a 45 degree walk.

You can also use that combination to watch a specific area (watching point), hold down Alt and watch to the left and right, to watch the area around. If you let got the Alt-key, your view jumps back to the watching point or center of your body direction.

Koala, what the Author is pointing out is not the fact that the free-aim zone is a function in ArmA or not; he's pointing out that the new Weapon Inertia system in Dev Build is not functioning inside the free-aim function.

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I have to say, now that i had time, How does an US army soldier sway the gun so much after doing a tactical walk (a fast walk with the gun raised) for 20 seconds? i literally tested this even with light equipment and while aiming down sights just seconds after doing a tactical walk the sight goes ALL OVER THE FUCKING SCREEN.

If that's not the weapon handling update mentioned here, i dont know what it really is, i haven't noticed any other changes after the bootcamp update that were actually bad (i like the new fatigue system, btu the sway is a nightmare)

Does it really need to function inside free-aim function? I think it's cool that you can use it and if you can master it you can be pretty accurate. Does this "bug" allow too much for heavier guns?

Sorry I haven't tested this enough to know and I can't until Friday. But I think this could be a nice feature.

Yes it does. If you activate the freeaim(pressing alt during optic view) then you disable the weapon inertia effect.

Fixed some time ago

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