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Mission initial video allows for squad communications
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When starting a mission that plays a video if the squad needs to communicate, that communication will not only be done but be visible while the video is playing. Examples of this types of communication are "no ammo" or "injured" reports. This is easily seen in the official campaign where the player's gear is persistent throughout the majority of the missions. {F24644}


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Steps To Reproduce

There's several ways to do this but the following is what I recommend:

  1. Start the Bosmos camp mission.
  2. Rearm properly for the mission at the armory but grab a pistol\handgun.
  3. Grab a magazine for said pistol\handgun.
  4. Fire some rounds of said pistol\handgun until the magazine is around 25% or less.
  5. Meet with James and start the mission briefing.
  6. Accept the Supply Network mission.
  7. Notice how Kerry reports he is low on ammo while the initial video is playing.
Additional Information

This issue comes up because of the secondary weapon ammo count. As of 1.26 players and A.I. alike will report low on ammo when the secondary weapon (handgun but also launcher) is low or has no ammo. Because while the video is played squad communications are still allowed these end up happening creating a weird interference with the video.

See attached screenshot for more information.

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