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Burning Buzzard task location does not contain any aircraft
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At the FIA Bosmos camp you can overhear some of the guerrillas talking about a Buzzard that crashed. However once you go on its search and reach its location there is no aircraft there, only a dead AAF pilot. {F24643}


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No Bug
Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch the Bosmos level of the Adapt episode of the East Wind campaign.
  2. Listen to the guerrillas until they mention a Buzzard that crashed, a task will be created to undertake the assignment.
  3. Enter the quad bike to go out on patrol.
  4. Locate the Buzzard crash site. You will notice theres no aircraft there only a dead AAF pilot.
Additional Information

The task is still set as complete when you reach the crash site. You can find a screenshot of issue attached to this report.

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The wreck is not supposed to be there at all, only the pilot and some rubbish.