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Strange Animation Glitch on RCO Scope in Offroad
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Enter the front of an Offroad as a passenger, armed with an RCO scope (I tried it on an MXM rifle). There's a strange, sky-blue patch on the scope when you look down at your legs. Perhaps it also happens with other scopes? Need to try it out at some point. {F24639}


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Added screenshot - notice the light blue patch by the scope.

Anyone noticed this, or is it just me? :) Maybe it's something weird with my drivers or something?

This is an issue that happens with lots of things when viewed in certain ways.

For instance, if you view a hard shell hanger through the window of another hard shell hanger, the whole other hanger will be this sky blue color.

It can also be seen when riding in the back of the Zamak (covered) - the windows in the back part show the back of the cabin, which appears this blue color.

This is odd, huh? I must admit - I've not noticed it before - but yes, as you say Demongod, I have spotted it elsewhere too!