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Stuck in movement after respawn / animation Arma 3
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This issue relates to being stuck in a forward, backward / diagonal / leaning position (prone or standing) and directional motion after respawn without touching the keyboard. Basically like a key is stuck on the keyboard. Multiple tapping the respective key and Alt or shift etc makes no difference. And this does not relate to specific hardware, (tried multiple keyboards), the VON key or Windows sticky keys. Tried Sticky keys on and off. Made no difference.


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It is very difficult to reliably reproduce since it happens randomly during every game - where there is a respawn / revive option but definitely seems to have something to do with respawn and the keyboard buffer and Arma3 key bindings. It seems that if you die and are either revived or respawn in game the key presses in the kb buffer continue to 'play out' once you are alive again. Almost as if on death the last key press is repeated in the kb memory for the length of time you are incapacitated. Anyway that is what we have managed to so far to ascertain.

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I think this issue could be fixed by flushing the keyboard typeahead buffer on death/respawn event. Or by offering a script command to do the same. It seems to relate to double tap key bindings but I cannot reliably reproduce / resolve the issue. This issue has been around now for some time and needs an urgent fix please.

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This issue and a multitude of related issues have been reported for over a year now and they just get closed by the BIS dev team as resolved or too minor to bother with! This auto scroll/run move issue has not been resolved just look at all these related tickets marked closed! And there are a lot more but I'm not going to waste my time looking for them because this ticket like all the rest will probably just get closed and deleted with no action!.

Is anyone at BIS actually reading these tickets?! Nice to know how much time we are wasting! It needs attention urgently!! Personally I would fire a few people at BIS because of this. It's total BS! I for one have better things to do with my time than wasting it, beta testing your game for you! I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

Ticket Status Description
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You could also Google the issue but since it's tricky to describe succinctly - I think the issue has been buried. Here's one

Please fix this damn issue! It affects Virtual ammo boxes, respawn and a whole lot of other issues.

And no the latest patch hasn't fixed it. For every ticket that actually gets logged - there are probably 100's of users who experience the same issue.

Some extra info : It happens with the Arma3 respawn module and BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition. The auto scrolling happens most of the time when using the respawn respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"} option. The menu jumps continuously between spawn points and random selectors. Like a key is stuck. This is the same / related issue to auto movement and stuck in movement. As soon as you respawn the character model continues to move on it's own accord.

I would upload my Arma3 keybinding file but that file type upload is not allowed - apparently.

There seems to be a method that 'fixes' this. This is not an acceptable fix though - the core issues needs resolving. So don't close this ticket as 'resolved'!

If you hold the up and down keys simultaneously for +/-3 secs then left and right simultaneously for 3 secs it clears the auto run/move issue. This 'work around' should help the developers fix the cause of this issue.