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A-164 Has a harder time taking off from short/rough runways than other jets
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This is quite contrary to what one would expect, because the A-10 in real life is quite capable of taking off of rough/short runways. Lower riding jets like the buzzard and neophron would in reality have much less capable shock absorption, resulting in much slower ground speeds.
The A-164 should be able to handle the southeastern Feres airstrip, while the Neophron certainly should not be able to. This distinction is less prevalent in the other airfields, because either all the jets can and should be able to take off from them (AAC, AIA, etc), or can and should not be able to take off of them (such as the small civilian airstrip to the northwest).


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The Yak-130 (Neophron) is designed to take off from short runways as well as grass fields. That's why there's flaps that cover the forward facing air intakes.