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If you die while previewing as Zeus, you get stuck in a dead body.
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When previewing an editor level, I switched to Zeus.

While as Zeus, the player character got killed.

The camera returned to the dead body, but there was no way to quit - pressing escape didn't do anything. Bringing up the map showed the 'unable to connect' message, pressing enter switched between 1st and 3rd person, but I couldn't leave the editor preview.

I had to force quite the game (losing my editor progress, because I forgot to save).


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a player character in the editor.

Link them to Zeus.

Place an enemy unit with a waypoint to the player.

Preview the mission.

Switch to Zeus and wait for the player to get killed by the enemy.

You should get 'stuck' in their body, unable to leave the preview mission.

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I experienced a similiar issue yesterday:

01. I created and saved a clean multiplayer mission with a respawn area (via description.ext),
02. created a player unit,
03. and placed a Zeus module (Owner: #adminLogged).
04. Now I previewed the mission,
05. changed to Zeus,
06. created a random AI unit,
07. remote controlled that unit,
08. and killed my own player.
09. Now my player got respawned.

  1. I got stucked in the player unit and wasn't able to move.
  2. I changed back to Zeus and tried to remote contol the AI unit.
  3. I wasn't able to move he AI unit.
  4. I had to disconnect and restart the mission.