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More filter options for weapon and ammo crates
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As ticket has been closed ....

It's not fixed and it's not trivial. Just nobody at BIS did take a look at this ticket. The inventory design of A3 is awful when it comes to filtering.

Currently you can only filter between
a) weapons
b) magazines
c) items
d) all

Backpacks are listed everywhere which is very annoying. A similiar filter like being used in the virtual ammo box would be nice. {F24592}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

1.) Place a weapon or ammo crate and fill it with weapons, magazines, items, uniforms, headgear and backpacks

2.) Use the filter option of the crate

Additional Information

If possible it would be nice to filter between
a) weapons
b) magazines
c) clothing (headgear, belts, vests, uniforms, glasses)
d) backpacks
e) grenades
f) items
g) all

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Better filter options are still missing for ammo crates