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Drones - Why they feel wrong/weird
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Me and my friend has had a lot of trouble with the UAV Greyhawk and aiming the laser. We've been trying to figure out exactly what the problem is, and I think I've found what it is.
When moving the mouse, you move the targeting pod directly, and when you stop moving the mouse, it locks on to a point and stops moving with that as a reference. This means that, when you're moving fast laterally to the camera view, the view will shift compared to where you left it.
This is a problem, as it gets very hard to aim at a specific point.

If you compare to something like DCS World, DCS World feels a lot better. The way it works there is that the targeting pod locks on to an area, and you then move the view compared to that area/point, while the pod automatically adjusts for your velocity. Basically, in Arma 3, the frame of refence is the plane, while the frame of reference in DCS World is the ground you're targeting.
In this case, easier is better. If possible, the frame of reference for the targeting laser on the Greyhawk should either be adjustible or the ground/target.

Adjustible would work best, especially on the UGV. Having the UGV lock onto the ground just ahead of itself is really annoying, but locking onto an area or point can still be very useful.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a UAV
Make it loiter at chosen waypoint
Get in as gunner and try to target something

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