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[Feature Request] - Port Quadrotor's Follow distance to Fixed Wing UAVs
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When following a target in the Quadrotor drones, an option to set the "follow distance" is presented when a follow waypoint is given. This allows the UAV operator to make friendly drones follow friendly units more closely, but also allowing him to follow enemies from a distance (to avoid detection). However, when assigning a fixed wing drone a follow waypoint, this option does not present itself.

This is unfortunate because follow distance is an important factor when telling a fixed wing drone to follow a target. When the fixed wing is assigned a follow waypoint, the aircraft tries to follow far too close. This means that the banking angle usually prevents the gunner's camera from aiming properly at a target (the turret cannot aim high enough).

When assigning a fixed wing a follow waypoint, options for the follow distance should be available in the form of "follow radius," which describes the distance from the target the uav should always try to be.

Additionally, an option to set altitude for follow waypoints would also be welcome. This option is very useful for Loiter objectives, and it would be useful to see it implemented for follow waypoints as well.


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