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Scope reticles are unusable without FSAA
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Without at least 4x FSAA, the 3D scope reticles are unusable/extremely difficult to read. The graticule lines disappear and reappear as they sway, the same also applies to the range numbers.

SMAA/FXAA smoothens the reticle slightly, but still suffers from the issues mentioned above.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set FSAA to disabled (or 2x).
  2. Look down the sights of a HAMR scope (for example).
  3. Observe jittery reticle.
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He's right.. Without AA on 8x the Vanilla scope reticles are super annoying...

It works fine for me without any AA. Turning on FSAA kills my frames.

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Yeah ... Same with IR laser pointer

I do not have any problems with that.
All disabled VS SMAA Ultra and AAx2 only a small difference... (with the rectile)

What resolution are you playing on? Try to set it higher, and look at sampling, do you have maybe 80% ? Try 120% or at least 100% :)

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100% and not working

Guys it should just work without having to super-sample, that's just silly.

Running at: 1920x1080
Sampling: 100%
All other settings: High (with Objects on Very High)

I run 1680*1050
Sampling: 114% (1920*1200)
Settings: High (mostly)
FSAA: x2
Aniso Filtering: Ultra
Bloom & Radial Blur: 25
Sharpen Filter: 50
Other PP: 0

Rectile perfectly seeable! (

What other PP effect do you have enabled? Because they can effect the rectile! (like depth of field ; bloom)

I appreciate your input CAPTINCAPS, but you're running 2x FSAA. The title is:

"0020161: Scope reticles are unusable without FSAA"

With 2D scopes (such as the PCML reticle) this is not an issue. 3D scopes are susceptible to aliasing.

I also realized that the MRCO reticle does not fully show up without Depth Of Field enabled.

I have mentioned it before, and now I bring you the evidence:
Without FSAA, without PPAA:
There is a tiny difference, but still good visible!

Ok CAPTNCAPS, but you're still playing at a different resolution (1680x1050) and super-sampling (114%). For those that play at a standard resolution (1080p), and without super-sampling (100%), the problem exists (as seen by my screenshots).

Note: PP effects (such as Depth of Field) should NOT affect scope reticles.